Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT): The Video Series: Episode #32: Microsoft Teched 2012 Recap

Welcome to Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT) Episode #32, June 14, 2012. 

Once again EMC is a Platinum Sponsor of Microsoft TechEd.  In the last episode of Inside the Partnership I covered the TechEd Keynote and EMCs guest appearance.  The keynote featured an EMC VNX with ODX (Offloaded Data Transfer), Microsoft demonstrated a 1GB per second file copy.   If you haven’t watched it, take a look

This episode is a high level overview of EMCs presence at Microsoft TechEd 2012.  Including:  Avamar 6.1, a Best of TechEd Finalist.  I spent some time with Alex Almedia to get a high level overview of Avamar 6.1.  Then I visited Txomin Barturen with his “Toys” The EMC Microsoft Fast Track Private Cloud. The customer interest was overwhelming.  Txomin spent most of the conference demonstrating  ODX and SMB 3.0 support.

VFCache, Server side PCIe Flash IO accelerator, is a key component of EMCs Fully Automated Storage Tiering, extending FAST to the server.  I spent some time reviewing VFCache Hardware and Software, for more VFCache info visit

Mike Mcghee was EMCs breakout presenter.  I spent some time reviewing his session and spent some time with Neil Salamack talking about EMCs latest data protection product, AppSync.   More details on AppSync and Mikes presentation on future episodes of Inside the partnership.

Just like last year, the EMC prize patrol was in action, and the EMC grand prize giveaway was HUGE!!!  Check out all that EMC Blue… Congratulations to our $1000 winner.

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EMC Avamar is Among the Best at Microsoft TechEd

This week at Microsoft TechEd 2012, EMC's Avamar 6.1 has been nominated for a "Best of TechEd" award.

What makes Avamar such a great product for Microsoft environments?  For starters, Avamar 6.1 has full support for Microsoft Hyper-V.  By installing the Avamar software on a Hyper-V server, you can provide backup of the VMs on that server.  This includes full backup protection of your virtual machines or the applications running in that VM including support for Cluster Shared Volumes (CSVs).

Avamar also allows you to restore VMs to the original server or to another server.  This addresses several scenarios such as making VMs available on different servers for recovery purpose, moving VMs or quickly restoring a backup even if the original server is unavailable.

Avamar also supports Granular Level Recovery (GLR) or the ability to restore individual files from a backup.  This is a simple operation as the administrator can select the date of the laat backup that contain the files they need and then browse the backup to select individual files or folders from the VM backup image and mount them for access.


All this while providing deduplication capabilities to an Avamar device or a Data Domain target to eliminate tape in the Datacenter!  Avamar supports the suite of Microsoft applications so it can be used in a virtual or physical environment.

Congratulations to the EMC Avamar team for a Best of TechEd and Best of Microsoft product!


Sea of EMC Blue at Microsoft TechEd 2012

What another great day at Microsoft TechEd 2012!  Yesterday I spent most of the day at our booth talking with customers.  People were interested in data protection, storage topics such as data tiering and deduplication, Windows Server 2012 features like ODX and the EMC Microsoft Private Cloud (be sure to check out the new solution briefs which have now been published!

We also held several customer meetings including talking to a customer who had a large SharePoint deployment and was interested in remote blob storage and another large customer with a SQL Server environment spread across the globe with high OLTP workloads and looking to improve processes and performance.

We also had our customer appreciation dinner last night which was a big hit!  It was a small event so my apologies if you weren't able to get in.  We held it at a wine bar and it included a 5 course dinner each paired with a wine and an education session from a sommelier.  It was a fun night with great customers and people from Microsoft's Windows, Private Cloud and SQL Server teams in attendance!

Finally we gave away our $1000 prize to one lucky winner who was wearing their EMC shirt at our booth during the drawing. 

EMCTechEdBooth 15

What a great day and thanks to everyone for coming by our booth this week!!



EMC Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track Solution

UPDATE - 06/14/12:  EMC's Microsoft Private Cloud Solution Briefs are now posted!

Here we are in Day 2 of Microsoft TechEd 2012 and another busy day!  There have been many great sessions including overviews of Windows Server 2012 features, changes to Active Directory, new Hyper-V features and more about Powershell cmdlets than I thought was possible to know!

At the EMC booth (205), we continue to be busy with discussions about EMC hardware, how we integrate with Microsoft System Center 2012 for enhanced management of EMC devices as well as discussions about protecting key applications and providing data deduplication for key MIcrosoft apps.

But what has generated the most attention in the booth the past few days??

That's right, this Bad Boy....EMC's Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track Solution!!!

If you're not familar with Microsoft's Private Cloud Fast Track Program, it is a pre-validated reference     architecture program based on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server 2012 coming soon when released!) with Hyper-V, storage hardware and various server and switching vendors.  It is a Microsoft run program that includes guidance and validated configurations with services to implement to get a Microsoft Private Cloud up and and running in no time!

Version 2 (current version) incorporates System Center 2012 so customers can have full automation and virtualization.  Matter of fact, technologies such as Self Service Provisioning and Powershell cmdlets are part of the solution so customers can have a fully operating Private Cloud and not just virtualization in their Datacenter!

EMC has announced two configurations for Microsoft's Private Cloud Fast Track v2 program to offer customers choice and flexibility in their Private Cloud options.

The first consists of an EMC VNX 5300 array (4U, multi-protocol, dual processor, up to 125 drives) with Cisco UCS B-series and Cisco Nexus 5k switch.  This solution is the one we have at Microsoft TechEd right now.  It scales from 8-16 nodes to provide users with all of the management and compute services and power needed to run a Private Cloud! 

The second solution is also based on the EMC VNX 5300 array but uses HP DL380 servers with a Brocade 8000 switch and Brocade 1020 CNAs.  This solution scales from 4 to 8 nodes for management and compute and both the HP and the Cisco based solution includes FCOE, boot from SAN and iSCSI communication between the VMs.

Here is a photo with the face plate removed to see how it looks...

What's great about this solution is that it includes all of the necessary software components and scripts to run a fully virtualized and automated private cloud to help save the administrator's time from building and configuring all of these components.  For an overview of some of the capabilities of a Private Cloud Solution, check out my blog when we covered this at Microsoft Management Summit!

If you're at TechEd this week, stop by the EMC booth to learn more, to see the hardware involved and to get a live demo!  And even better, come to the EMC session on Wednesday morning at 10:15 entitled "Accelerating the Power of the Cloud with Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track and EMC Infrastructure" (session WSV211)!

Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT): The Video Series: Episode #31: Microsoft Teched 2012 Keynote (ODX) and in Conference Update

Welcome to Inside the Partnership the Video Series Episode #31.

The Conference Tour continues, this time in Orlando.  Microsoft Teched 2012, this time it’s all about Windows Server 2012!  - This Episode recorded, edited, and uploaded the same day!!!!  (WOW!!!), on to the next one.  Look for me in the EMC Booth here at TechEd 2012!

Yesterday’s EMC Press Release highlighted EMCs support of Windows Server 2012 including new functionality like Offloaded Data Transfer or ODX.  

EMCs integration is so deep it was featured as part of the opening Keynote.  That keynote demo is included in this episode of Inside the Partnership.  I also spent some time with Adrian Simays to
review what is happing during day 1 of the conference.

If your attending this week, make sure you get your EMC T-Shirt and attend the EMC Technical Breakout session of Wednesday…  Then head back to the EMC booth, wearing you T-Shirt for a chance to win $1000!!!

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