Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT): The Video Series: Episode #34: The MSpecialist Summit 2012

Welcome to Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT) Episode #34, November 29, 2012.

Keeping EMC field resources up to date on the latest EMC/MSFT integration and road maps is key to joint continued success. Staying hands on is even more important.  After all, using the infrastructure is the best way to provide proper positioning and gaining maximum value for our customers.

This year the annual EMC Microsoft Technical Summit was conducted at one of the many EMC facilities in Santa Clara, California.   Looking back at an outstanding 2012, including our involvement in the Systems Center Launch, SQL2012 Launch, Windows Server 2012 Launch and support of many Microsoft conferences, but that was just the beginning.   The heart of the summit was looking ahead to the next Wave.  In this case, Wave 15.  New version of SharePoint
and Exchange are just the beginning.

The event also gave the global resources on hand the opportunity to drive EMC software in a Microsoft environment.  From EMC BRS products and analyzing customer environments and
determining the best comprehensive solutions, this was the place to be.  I hear there was even a Cache Gordon appearance!

Just like last year, I took a few minutes to speak with Adrian Simays, who once again organized this event.  The content from the event will be available at

GUEST POST: Increase SharePoint Performance and Reduce Storage Costs with EMC & Metalogix

BLOG Post:  Increase SharePoint Performance and Reduce Storage Costs with EMC & Metalogix

By Trevor Hellebuyck, co-Chief Technology Officer, Metalogix

By now, you probably are aware that StoragePoint v4.0 has been released this week.  With the release of StoragePoint v4.0, we are excited for new features that will greatly improve your SharePoint backup and restore experience.  Not only does StoragePoint v4.0 improve SharePoint performance and reduce storage costs, we can now automatically backup BLOBs allowing our customers to satisfy requirements for Recover Point Objectives that were previously difficult to meet.

In addition to continuous BLOB backup, the latest version of StoragePoint provides granular, item-level restore capability that works with standard out-of-the-box tools.  Here’s how continuous BLOB backup and the granular restore capability can greatly improve your backup/restore experience with SharePoint.

SharePoint Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) providers like Metalogix StoragePoint allow you to externalize unstructured data normally stored within SharePoint content databases to cost effective, EMC storage locations.  This results in up to 95% reduction in your content database size, increases performance of your SharePoint server farm, and now significantly improves backup and restore performance.

EMC tested a cost-effective SharePoint content storage solution that uses a multitier storage architecture enabled by Replication Manager for protection and recovery. The solution used StoragePoint, to catalog the data into SharePoint and used StoragePoint to move and manage BLOBs outside of SQL Server. The solution also used StoragePoint to enable remote BLOB storage for SharePoint 2010 data on VNX unified storage with block (file systems and databases) and file (BLOB) access. StoragePoint File Share Librarian is used to catalog file share data into SharePoint.  EMC Replication Manager provided application consistent protection and recovery for the entire SharePoint farm.

This EMC solution demonstrated that the StoragePoint integration was a highly efficient method for moving file share content into SharePoint and for externalizing unstructured SharePoint content to BLOB storage. The solution was able to prove that you can:


  • Use StoragePoint to improve the organization’s overall storage efficiency while meeting SLAs.
  • Use StoragePoint File Share Librarian to catalogue files into SharePoint non-disruptively without the need to migrate the file themselves.
  • Use StoragePoint to effectively externalize SharePoint BLOBs from the Microsoft SQL content databases.
  • Migrate data into SharePoint using EMC Storage and StoragePoint.
  • Improve SharePoint farm performance by using EMC FAST Cache and Flash with EMC Storage.
  • Protect a SharePoint farm and the farm’s BLOB stores by using Replication Manager to back up and restore content.



SharePoint undoubtedly has become a mission critical platform for many organizations that now rely on its robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities.  Due to the critical nature of SharePoint organizations with growing environments now require very low Recover Point Objectives (RPO).

Traditional backup and restore tools often fail to meet the aggressive RPO requirements that organizations demand.  This is in part due to the speed at which these tools can execute backups often taking eight or more hours to backup 1TB of data.  The result is a backup approach that will not meet RPO requirements.

As files are uploaded to SharePoint, StoragePoint externalizes BLOBs in real-time allowing metadata to continue to be stored in the SharePoint content database.   By enabling StoragePoint continuous BLOB backup, a copy of each externalized BLOB will be written to a backup location.  Since the majority of your content database is comprised of unstructured data (i.e. BLOBs), proactively backing up BLOBs leaves very little data to backup on a regular interval using out-of-the-box backup tools.

The combination of continuous BLOB backup and granular restore capability along with the benefits StoragePoint Remote Blob Storage (RBS) makes for a solid platform for scaling your SharePoint environment.

For more information about Metalogix StoragePoint, visit the product page or request a demonstration.

From SQL to SharePoint

This past week we just finished attending and supporting Microsoft SQL PASS Summit, the largest gathering of SQL Server professionals. SQL PASS was a big success with over 5000 attendees and there was a lot of buzz over SQL Server 2012 as well as Windows Server 2012. At the EMC booth I had the chance to meet with many different people from all different sized customers over the course of several days! It was great meeting people and talking to them about their questions and issues. Overall most people were interested in EMC's VFCache technologies to significantly improve database performance, our high availability solutions, our integration with System Center 2012 and our SQL Server 2012 Fast Track solution (expect more blog posts on this soon).

But SQL Pass is behind us now and we have our sights set on a new destination: Las Vegas where we will be attending and supporting the SharePoint Conference!

The SharePoint Conference has grown to be a major conference in a short period of time with over 10,000 attendees expected over the course of 5 days! This year's conference is timely with the upcoming release of SharePoint 2013 with many sessions focused on Enterprise Collaboration, Social including the acquisition of Yammer and features such as Search and Online Services.

So what will be EMC's focus at the show? EMC will be a Gold sponsor and at the EMC booth (#629) we will be talking to customers and showing them how EMC helps with Storage Management for SharePoint, Backup and Recovery, Private Cloud and EMC Consulting Services. Specific technologies and demos at the booth will include:

Data and Storage Management

  • Overview of EMC technologies such as VNX, VSPEX, Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST), Atmos, and Isilon
  • Automated Performance Management
  • VSPEX = EMC's best of breed appliance program
  • Application Aware Storage Solutions

 Backup and Recovery

  • Overview of EMC technologies such as Avamar, DataDomain, Networker, Source One, RecoverPoint, Replication Manager and VPLEX
  • Simplified Backup and Recovery
  • Enabling Granular Recovery with Microsoft and Hyper-V workloads

 Private Cloud Management

  • Overview of EMC technologies such as EMC Storage Integrator (ESI), Microsoft System Center 2012 integration including SCOM, SCVMM and Orchestrator, PowerShell and EMC Proven Solutions

 EMC Global Consulting Services

  • Services for upgrading SharePoint, SharePoint Social and Search, Architecting a SharePoint Collaboration Portal and SharePoint as a Service

We'll also be working with one of our good partners, Metalogix to showcase how EMC along with Metalogix can be used to discover and ingest file shares into Microsoft SharePoint as well as using their StoragePoint product to externalize content files (or BLOBs) to less expensive storage tiers for a more cost effective solution while improving overall performance.

So, coming to Vegas this week for the SharePoint Conference? Be sure to stop by and spend some time with myself or one of the many other EMC Microsoft Specialists who will be working the show and learn about all of the great new solutions we have for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft technologies in general!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Heading to Vegas…..EMC is a Gold Sponsor of SharePoint Conference 2012!

We are heading to Vegas this weekend.  EMC is a gold sponsor of the SharePoint conference.  The SharePoint Conference is Microsoft’s largest show focused on all things related to SharePoint.  EMC will be front and center at the show and will have many opportunities for you to talk with our Microsoft experts.   You will see how virtualization and cloud technologies can help you transform your SharePoint environments.

Our Presence at the Show:

  • EMC will have 20 x 20 booth staffed by EMC experts in both Microsoft and EMC technologies and will be highlighting how EMC Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint can:
    • Transform existing SharePoint infrastructure with latest technologies for virtualization, tiering and data protection etc…
    • Lower cost and significantly transform  performance, availability and efficiency
    • Protect and recover SharePoint environments
    • Transform  management of SharePoint environments
    • Maximize the value of existing SharePoint and Microsoft associated software, people and processes
    • Confidently architect, design and accelerate upgrades to SharePoint 2013


The future is so bright for SharePoint in the Private Cloud – We encourage you to stop by our booth and get your EMC sun glasses!