Three Paths to the Cloud: Evolves Up the Technology Stack

Guest Blogger: Tom Tormey

Vice President, Strategic Technology Alliances, EMC Corporation

 EMC and Cisco’s success in helping customers transform their IT has evolved over the 11 year partnership by understanding joint customers’ preferences for choice and flexibility to build out their Cloud infrastructure. These factors are particularly important because as the overall IT landscape evolves, companies need to be able to design their infrastructure to meet their unique use case without being locked into a single way of moving forward.  

 Recognizing that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for cloud infrastructure, EMC, Cisco, and VCE came together and developed the Three Paths to the Cloud strategy, which offers a spectrum of choice for implementation.

 Over the past two years, we’ve worked together to deliver simplicity and speed in deploying cloud infrastructure across these three paths – but in the past few months, the Three Paths have evolved to drive simplicity further up the technology stack – to management and the application workloads that the infrastructure powers.

 Let’s take a look at some of the recent developments in each of the paths to the cloud.

 For Build Your Own: We recently developed the EMC Enterprise Private Cloud solution that integrates the best of breed EMC and VMware products, with Cisco UCS. This empowers our customers to accelerate the implementation and adoption of private cloud while still enabling customer choice for the compute and networking infrastructure within the data center and will become the foundation for enabling IaaS.

 For VSPEX: We have introduced VSPEX solutions with Cisco to virtualize your data centersrun your mission-critical applications such Microsoft SharePoint on VSPEX, and deploy virtual desktop infrastructure. These solutions make it simple to deploy workloads on your terms – and the numbers back it up: Gartner recently named VSPEX the industry’s #1 Integrated Reference Architecture System. We are also automating VSPEX – powered by Cisco UCS Director Solution for VSPEXMicrosoft System Center or VMware vCloud Suite the new VSPEX solutions for Infrastructure-as-a-Service dramatically simplify the process of provisioning application infrastructure by empowering users to do it themselves via self-service portals.

 For Vblock: With VCE Vblock™ Systems already being the world’s most advanced converged infrastructure, the VCE team has gone a step further and developed Vblock Specialized Systems that are optimized with pre-installed core enterprise workloads. VCE has launched three specialized systems; Vblock Specialized System for high performance databases, Vblock Specialized System SAP HANA, and Vblock Specialized Systems Extreme Applications.

 Are we making the right moves? Gartner says so, as VSPEX is ranked #1 for Integrated Reference Architecture Systems, and VCE Vblock Systems is ranked #1 for Integrated Infrastructure Systems.

 All of this is done in partnership with Cisco – why? Because it is what the customer wants – simplicity in their infrastructure – simplicity in the management of that infrastructure and, simplicity in the application workloads.

 EMC and Cisco Cloud Infrastructure solutions enable our clients to increase agility, improve operational efficiency and to provide more cost effective service delivery to their constituents.

 We will continue to deliver innovative world-class technology solutions with Cisco and VCE that will help our customers transform their IT.





Planning a Hypervisor Strategy? Take the Wikibon Survey and win an iPad mini


I’m passing on this opportunity to take this Wikibon survey with our followers….Now is the time to share your plans and help set the direction of the IT industry.  Plus, you may just win an iPad mini.

Here is a link to Stuart Miniman’s blog with video explaing more about the survey…

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Wikibon, the site where IT practitioners go for peer-based research, is conducting a survey of technology leaders to better understand Hypervisor applications, practices, and plans with a focus on Multi-Hypervisor environments. 

 Virtualization and Hypervisor decisions for x86 Servers have evolved to include more options, workloads, and environments. Decisions have become more complex and more important for many practitioners in the Wikibon community.

We think you will find the topics in the study interesting and very relevant. It should take about 5-10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.  Wikibon will publish the results in the coming months.  In addition, at the completion of the study, we will be awarding an iPad Mini to a randomly selected survey participant.

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Guest Blog: Microsoft TechEd 2013: An EMC Backup Perspective


Alexander Almeida

EMC Corporation

Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, EMC Elect 2013

Backup and Recovery Systems Division

Another Microsoft TechEd gone by, and speaking for the EMC Backup and Recovery Team, we had a blast!  In between playing with and learning how to use our new Surface tablets we got at the show, we also had some really good conversations with you, the attendees, on the issues you are facing with Backup and Recovery in a Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem. Take a look at this video for some visual highlights from the show, along with our take on what attendees were looking for in a Backup and Recovery solution for Microsoft.

See you in Houston next year for TechED 2014!

 Microsoft TechEd 2013: An EMC Backup Perspective 



Guest Blog: Get off the Customization Treadmill and on to SharePoint 2013

.EMC Documentum

Are customizations holding you back from upgrading to SharePoint 2013? EMC has a new solution that can help, and will also accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Many sites resort to customizing SharePoint when its out-of-the-box features don’t fully meet enterprise requirements. Customizations can make it difficult to upgrade to a new version of the SharePoint platform, and they’re also time-consuming and expensive. You think you’re on the road to adding functionality to SharePoint, but find yourself instead on a treadmill that won’t let you move forward, whether on premise or in the cloud.

Common requirements for extending SharePoint include advanced content management, information governance, and business process management. In addition, you may also be customizing the platform to make it easier to manage. SharePoint administration costs can spiral out of control for large-scale and distributed deployments. Performance tuning, security settings, common and consistent governance policies, auditing, activity monitoring, and other administrative tasks can all become challenges as your SharePoint infrastructure starts to grow.

EMC, a platinum sponsor at this week’s TechEd, offers a number of products and services for managing SharePoint growth. Among these is EMC Documentum, a leading platform for enterprise-class content management, information governance, and process management. EMC recently released a new product that integrates these capabilities into SharePoint.

The new EMC Documentum Connector for Microsoft SharePoint              allows you to rapidly deploy Documentum’s out-of-the-box content and process management functionality directly into SharePoint. This way, you can avoid customization altogether – reducing your development costs and simplifying SharePoint upgrades. In addition, by offloading content storage to Documentum, you can take advantage of its advanced security, scalability, and administration features to shrink your SharePoint infrastructure costs.
Documentum can also expedite your journey to the cloud. Documentum is available in EMC OnDemand, a proven private-cloud deployment model that simplifies the management of enterprise applications, reducing total cost of ownership by 30% to 60%. Documentum’s integration with Syncplicity, EMC’s enterprise sync and share offering, means your content can be shared securely through the public cloud with other employees, customers, partners, and suppliers on almost any device.

When it comes to extending SharePoint, Documentum is unique in offering a combination of content services, information governance, and business process management, along with a variety of flexible deployment options. To learn more, register for our upcoming Webcast: Collaboration Meets Control: EMC Documentum & Microsoft SharePoint Together, or visit

EMC VSPEX Momentum Rolls On – Expanded Support for Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013… Plus Customers and Partners Love VSPEX

It certainly has been a busy spring here at EMC for Microsoft related solutions.  We’ve seen quite a bit of momentum around customer and partner adoption and support for EMC VSPEX.

 We are excited to announce the expansion of the VSPEX portfolio to include support for Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013.  This announcement extends the VSPEX support for SQL Server we announced at Microsoft Management Summit in April.    VSPEX provides infrastructure for customers looking to gain the benefits of converged infrastructures, leveraging EMC storage systems and next-generation backup products, while at the same time gaining more choice in individual stack components, including virtualization, server, and network technology from EMC partners. 

VSPEX helps customers address the challenges of managing IT infrastructure in a predictable, efficient manner.   Extending the VSPEX portfolio to applications such as Exchange and SharePoint enables our customers’ to confidently consolidate, virtualize and manage these applications in a Private Cloud environment.  This is a particularly timely announcement as our customers are looking at various options as they consider upgrading to Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013. 

These newly available Microsoft configurations leverage the power of VSPEX‘s choice, flexibility and efficiency and can scale to address the requirements of Exchange workloads and SharePoint data growth.  Data availability, protection and recovery are also vital for Exchange and SharePoint customers. These VSPEX offerings also help to simplify Exchange and SharePoint back up with industry leading Avamar and Data Domain technologies.

For Microsoft customers and partners, these new offerings dramatically reduce the complexity that comes with planning, sizing, and deploying private cloud computing environments for these critical applications. 

EMC Partners Accelerate Customer Success and Value with New Solutions to Extend VSPEX   for Microsoft Environments

It’s all about our customers and helping them be successful. To that end, EMC has joined forces with other industry leaders to create complete, proven solutions that simplify deployment and management of Private Cloud environments. Our partner ecosystem is key to enabling VSPEX momentum and ongoing success. Whether these partners are delivering VSPEX solutions or adding functionality that extends VSPEX, all are seeing the ultimate value for our end user customers – more efficiency, choice, control and ultimately agility.

Partner’s Love VSPEX

Let’s take a look at some of the partners and partner activities associated with VSPEX.

EMC VSPEX Labs is available for VSPEX VARs and technology partners to extend and validate the VSPEX reference architectures.  This allows extension of the VSPEX configuration’s customer value in a trusted way through rigorous testing to the EMC quality standards.  Partner who have validated are uniquely differentiated and carry the “VSPEX Labs Validated” logo on their collateral.

In the Microsoft space, we are excited that Metalogix and KrollOn Track have attained EMC VSPEX Lab validation for SharePoint related Solutions based on VSPEX. 


EMC combined with Metalogix StoragePoint, our solutions provide the means to improve utilization of existing server assets, reduce costs of the existing SharePoint environment, and improve the end user experience by lowering latency.

“Metalogix has enjoyed the benefits of participating in the VSPEX lab program.  The program has helped reduce the complexities involved in architectural design cycles and the VSPEX Lab program provides a validated solution for customers for their SharePoint environment.  As Metalogix StoragePoint is deployed in EMC VSPEX for SharePoint, customers benefit from faster solution to improve their SharePoint infrastructure by reducing operational and management overhead costs.” Bonnie Donovan – Global VP of Alliances


“We are pleased to announce that Ontrack® PowerControls™ software for Microsoft® SharePoint® is EMC VSPEX Labs Validated. The VSPEX private cloud architecture with Ontrack PowerControls provides customers with a granular recovery component within virtualized Microsoft® SharePoint® solutions. This successful validation ensures our mutual customers will be able to accelerate and optimize their deployment as well as search, recover, restore and manage data at a granular level in SharePoint environments. We are excited to expand our already successful partnership with EMC and enhance our mutual customers’ experiences.” -Jim Reinert, Vice President, Product Development.


 VSPEX gives customers the ability to design and implement the virtual resources necessary to satisfy the requirements for deploying Ontrack® PowerControls™ for Microsoft SharePoint environments. The VSPEX private cloud architecture with Ontrack PowerControls provides customers with a granular recovery component within virtualized SharePoint solutions.

To learn more about these new offerings and partnerships, check out the VSPEX Gallery

VPSEX is exciting for a number of reasons ….. Particularly For customers looking to upgrade, consolidate and virtualize Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013, VSPEX Proven Infrastructure enables faster deployment, more simplicity, greater choice, higher efficiency and lower risk.