Guest Blog: Get off the Customization Treadmill and on to SharePoint 2013

.EMC Documentum

Are customizations holding you back from upgrading to SharePoint 2013? EMC has a new solution that can help, and will also accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Many sites resort to customizing SharePoint when its out-of-the-box features don’t fully meet enterprise requirements. Customizations can make it difficult to upgrade to a new version of the SharePoint platform, and they’re also time-consuming and expensive. You think you’re on the road to adding functionality to SharePoint, but find yourself instead on a treadmill that won’t let you move forward, whether on premise or in the cloud.

Common requirements for extending SharePoint include advanced content management, information governance, and business process management. In addition, you may also be customizing the platform to make it easier to manage. SharePoint administration costs can spiral out of control for large-scale and distributed deployments. Performance tuning, security settings, common and consistent governance policies, auditing, activity monitoring, and other administrative tasks can all become challenges as your SharePoint infrastructure starts to grow.

EMC, a platinum sponsor at this week’s TechEd, offers a number of products and services for managing SharePoint growth. Among these is EMC Documentum, a leading platform for enterprise-class content management, information governance, and process management. EMC recently released a new product that integrates these capabilities into SharePoint.

The new EMC Documentum Connector for Microsoft SharePoint              allows you to rapidly deploy Documentum’s out-of-the-box content and process management functionality directly into SharePoint. This way, you can avoid customization altogether – reducing your development costs and simplifying SharePoint upgrades. In addition, by offloading content storage to Documentum, you can take advantage of its advanced security, scalability, and administration features to shrink your SharePoint infrastructure costs.
Documentum can also expedite your journey to the cloud. Documentum is available in EMC OnDemand, a proven private-cloud deployment model that simplifies the management of enterprise applications, reducing total cost of ownership by 30% to 60%. Documentum’s integration with Syncplicity, EMC’s enterprise sync and share offering, means your content can be shared securely through the public cloud with other employees, customers, partners, and suppliers on almost any device.

When it comes to extending SharePoint, Documentum is unique in offering a combination of content services, information governance, and business process management, along with a variety of flexible deployment options. To learn more, register for our upcoming Webcast: Collaboration Meets Control: EMC Documentum & Microsoft SharePoint Together, or visit

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