Inside The Partnership Episode #35: Microsoft Teched 2013; Keeping it Real, Keeping it Xtrem!




Continuing a long standing tradition, once again EMC is a platinum sponsor of Microsoft Teched.   The platinum sponsorship landed the “EMC Theater” front and center in the exhibit hall.  EMC customers were invited into the theater for a quick overview of the latest benefits of deploying EMC technologies with Microsoft applications.  Granted, the high level theater presentation is well, high level... lots of clouds and buzz words.  But with such a diversified technology portfolio, it’s difficult to represent any details in a “theater” setting. 
EMC Microsoft Teched 2013 Sam Marraccini Adrian Simays
EMC Platinum again at Microsoft Teched 2013

The real value and real customer one-on-one conversations were happening behind the theater.  As in past years, the EMC “booth” featured 4 workstations with product demonstrations and presentations, lots of details around EMC System Center Integration, Multi-Site Replication, Flash, VSPEX…. You can keep going.  I spent some time with Adrian Simays, Alex Almeida, Mike Truitt and Txomion Barturen to get a feel for
some of those conversations, and Txomion’s Breakout Session (Practical implementation of Windows Server 2012 Storage Technologies).  I also added a little FLASH to the conversation.  Check out video Episode #35 for details.  I did finally get my voice back ;-) 



What was new this year? “The Genius Bar”.  The Genius Bar offered a setting where EMC Subject Matter experts could conduct one-on-one customer conversation about their specific needs.  Conversations covered the full capabilities of the EMC solution portfolio.  There was a formal schedule of topics, but the conversation went wherever the customer needed it to.   EMC had over 20 Subject Matter experts available for detailed conversations on literally EVERYTHING MICROSOFT at EMC.

In alphabetical order, here is a list of the detailed integration points covered at the Genius Bar.   Need to get in touch with someone?  Let me know

Adrian Simays

Microsoft Application
  Solutions, Better with EMC.

Alex Almeida

Leveraging EMC Backup for
  Tighter Backup Integration with Microsoft Applications

Brian Henderson

Top 5 Reasons Why VNX for
  Microsoft Applications and Databases

Brin Kjenstad

Microsoft as a EMC

Carin Mosher

Multi-Site Replication
  for Exchange

Dave Butchart

Monitoring Your Storage
  Infrastructure with System Center Operations Manager

Dave Delisi

VSPEX for Microsoft

David Feisthammel

System Center 2012
  Integration with EMC Storage Integrator

Derrick Baxter

Exchange with EMC Storage
  Best Practices

Eyal Sharon

Proven Solutions and

Mike McGee

System Center 2012
  Management Integration: (SCVMM, SCOM, SCO)

Mike Truitt

EMC and Microosft Fast

Neil Salamack

AppSync: Simple, SLA
  Driven Protection for Exchange and SQL

Patrick Duggan

Real World Customer
  Examples and Use Cases

Phil George

EMC Backup and
  Recovery Optimized for Microsoft

Robert Wagner

VPLEX for Microsoft
  Failover Clusters

Ryan Kucera

EMC at the Microsoft
  Technology Center - Real Customers, Real Soluitons

Sam Marraccini

Leveraging Flash across
  the Microsoft Applicaion Stack - XTREM!!!!!!

Stefan Voss

Powering Microsoft
  Applications with VNX

Udgith Mankad

Windows Server 2012 ODX
  support and VMAX integration

Vinod Muralidhar

Isilon Overview and
  SharePoint BLOB with Metalogix


Sam Marraccini

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Leveraging Flash Across the Microsoft SQL Server Stack

Earlier this week, EMC's Sam Marraccini wrote a guest blog on Microsoft's SQL Server team site highlighting the benefits of Flash technology with Microsoft SQL Server. In short, flash continues to be a game changer and with the introduction of EMC Xtrem products including XtremSF (PCIe server flash), XtremSW Cache (server side caching) and XtremIO (all Flash array) is helping to improve performance for key application workloads.


Thanks for spreading the Xtrem word!!

Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT): The Video Series: Episode #34: The MSpecialist Summit 2012

Welcome to Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT) Episode #34, November 29, 2012.

Keeping EMC field resources up to date on the latest EMC/MSFT integration and road maps is key to joint continued success. Staying hands on is even more important.  After all, using the infrastructure is the best way to provide proper positioning and gaining maximum value for our customers.

This year the annual EMC Microsoft Technical Summit was conducted at one of the many EMC facilities in Santa Clara, California.   Looking back at an outstanding 2012, including our involvement in the Systems Center Launch, SQL2012 Launch, Windows Server 2012 Launch and support of many Microsoft conferences, but that was just the beginning.   The heart of the summit was looking ahead to the next Wave.  In this case, Wave 15.  New version of SharePoint
and Exchange are just the beginning.

The event also gave the global resources on hand the opportunity to drive EMC software in a Microsoft environment.  From EMC BRS products and analyzing customer environments and
determining the best comprehensive solutions, this was the place to be.  I hear there was even a Cache Gordon appearance!

Just like last year, I took a few minutes to speak with Adrian Simays, who once again organized this event.  The content from the event will be available at

Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT): The Video Series: Episode #33: Microsoft Exchange Storage Calculator with EMC Extentions

Welcome to Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT) Episode #33, August 19, 2012.

I spent a good portion of my early career here at EMC configuring and designing Microsoft Exchange storage solutions.  Granted, most of those conversations included Exchange 2003 and EMC replication technologies, new concepts in 2004-2006.

Storage design, then and now, is key to a successful messaging platform.  It is so important that Microsoft has dedicated an “Exchange 2010 Exchange Storage Calculator”, which is a handy spreadsheet that allows user input to drive a potential server design. The tool, currently in version 19.9, has been instrumental in many storage designs. 

The tool, designed by Microsoft to support the design of Microsoft Exchange, overlooks some fundamental considerations when deploying Exchange on an EMC Enterprise Architecture.

Jim Cordes is part of the EMC Commercial Solutions Advisory Team and has been designing messaging solutions since the early days of MS Mail.  He has been hard at work developing the “EMC Extensions” for the Microsoft Exchange 2010 Storage Calculator.  I spent some time with Jim at Microsoft Teched this past year.       

You can find the Microsoft Exchange 2010 Storage Calculator with EMC Extensions here and everything Microsoft at EMC at

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Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT): The Video Series: Episode #32: Microsoft Teched 2012 Recap

Welcome to Inside the Partnership (EMC/MSFT) Episode #32, June 14, 2012. 

Once again EMC is a Platinum Sponsor of Microsoft TechEd.  In the last episode of Inside the Partnership I covered the TechEd Keynote and EMCs guest appearance.  The keynote featured an EMC VNX with ODX (Offloaded Data Transfer), Microsoft demonstrated a 1GB per second file copy.   If you haven’t watched it, take a look

This episode is a high level overview of EMCs presence at Microsoft TechEd 2012.  Including:  Avamar 6.1, a Best of TechEd Finalist.  I spent some time with Alex Almedia to get a high level overview of Avamar 6.1.  Then I visited Txomin Barturen with his “Toys” The EMC Microsoft Fast Track Private Cloud. The customer interest was overwhelming.  Txomin spent most of the conference demonstrating  ODX and SMB 3.0 support.

VFCache, Server side PCIe Flash IO accelerator, is a key component of EMCs Fully Automated Storage Tiering, extending FAST to the server.  I spent some time reviewing VFCache Hardware and Software, for more VFCache info visit

Mike Mcghee was EMCs breakout presenter.  I spent some time reviewing his session and spent some time with Neil Salamack talking about EMCs latest data protection product, AppSync.   More details on AppSync and Mikes presentation on future episodes of Inside the partnership.

Just like last year, the EMC prize patrol was in action, and the EMC grand prize giveaway was HUGE!!!  Check out all that EMC Blue… Congratulations to our $1000 winner.

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