New EMC VSPEX Solution Transforms Virtualized Microsoft SharePoint Environments

VSPEX Helps Customers Tune SharePoint Storage Performance in 80% Less Time, Shorten SharePoint Provisioning by 4X, and Reduce Backup Storage by 10-30X; EMC Announces Enhanced VSPEX Private Cloud and End User Solutions

Press Highlights

EMC® announced:

  • New EMC VSPEX™ Proven Infrastructure configurations for virtualized SharePoint environments accelerate deployment and adoption.
  • VSPEX is based on best-of-breed storage, virtualization, server and network technology.
  • When used with EMC’s award-winning unified storage and backup and recovery technologies in a virtualized SharePoint environment, VSPEX can help customers tune SharePoint storage performance in 80% less time, shorten SharePoint provisioning by 4X, and reduce time to manage backup by 81%.
  • According to the latest end-user study from IDC¹, more SharePoint was deployed on EMC storage than any other technology vendor.
  • EMC also announced updates for all 14 of the original VSPEX configurations to ensure customers can choose from the latest technology when deploying their VSPEX, as well as an online education and sales enablement center and simplified technical documentation for partners.

My take on this …. VSPEX delivers simplicity, efficiency and lower costs.

EMC VSPEX has quite the momentum behind it…. and for good reason.    Most customers are under budget pressure and many in fact are facing budget cuts.  IT organizations need to look at how to gain greater efficiencies and lower costs – while still figuring out how to address new initiatives.  We all have heard it.. IT is under increasing pressure to ensure investments and resources are focused on adding competitive and business value – not sure traditional maintenance..  Fundamental and “routine” IT tasks like provisioning new infrastructure and applications has to become more efficient, simplified and streamlined.  EMC VSPEX helps customers achieve this objective.

With this latest announcement,   EMC has extended the breadth of the VSPEX offerings to include configurations that are purposes built for particular application environments – in this case Microsoft SharePoint.

VSPEX is exciting to customers because it enables them to confidently consolidate and virtualize SharePoint environments while simplifying management.  With the application aware tools, EMC VSPEX helps customers more rapidly and flexibility provision infrastructure and application services.  VSPEX also helps customers simplify how they address service level agreements (SLAs) – particularly for backup and recovery.   EMC Backup solutions for virtual environments have reduced backup times by 90%, speed recoveries by 30x,-  saving storage and bandwidth resources and helping to accelerate and simplify private cloud virtualization.

At the end of the day, VSPEX helps customers keep IT simple, efficient and affordable… freeing up resources to help drive business value.

Learn more here about VSPEX:

Read the complete press release here:

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