Three Paths to the Cloud: Evolves Up the Technology Stack

Guest Blogger: Tom Tormey

Vice President, Strategic Technology Alliances, EMC Corporation

 EMC and Cisco’s success in helping customers transform their IT has evolved over the 11 year partnership by understanding joint customers’ preferences for choice and flexibility to build out their Cloud infrastructure. These factors are particularly important because as the overall IT landscape evolves, companies need to be able to design their infrastructure to meet their unique use case without being locked into a single way of moving forward.  

 Recognizing that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for cloud infrastructure, EMC, Cisco, and VCE came together and developed the Three Paths to the Cloud strategy, which offers a spectrum of choice for implementation.

 Over the past two years, we’ve worked together to deliver simplicity and speed in deploying cloud infrastructure across these three paths – but in the past few months, the Three Paths have evolved to drive simplicity further up the technology stack – to management and the application workloads that the infrastructure powers.

 Let’s take a look at some of the recent developments in each of the paths to the cloud.

 For Build Your Own: We recently developed the EMC Enterprise Private Cloud solution that integrates the best of breed EMC and VMware products, with Cisco UCS. This empowers our customers to accelerate the implementation and adoption of private cloud while still enabling customer choice for the compute and networking infrastructure within the data center and will become the foundation for enabling IaaS.

 For VSPEX: We have introduced VSPEX solutions with Cisco to virtualize your data centersrun your mission-critical applications such Microsoft SharePoint on VSPEX, and deploy virtual desktop infrastructure. These solutions make it simple to deploy workloads on your terms – and the numbers back it up: Gartner recently named VSPEX the industry’s #1 Integrated Reference Architecture System. We are also automating VSPEX – powered by Cisco UCS Director Solution for VSPEXMicrosoft System Center or VMware vCloud Suite the new VSPEX solutions for Infrastructure-as-a-Service dramatically simplify the process of provisioning application infrastructure by empowering users to do it themselves via self-service portals.

 For Vblock: With VCE Vblock™ Systems already being the world’s most advanced converged infrastructure, the VCE team has gone a step further and developed Vblock Specialized Systems that are optimized with pre-installed core enterprise workloads. VCE has launched three specialized systems; Vblock Specialized System for high performance databases, Vblock Specialized System SAP HANA, and Vblock Specialized Systems Extreme Applications.

 Are we making the right moves? Gartner says so, as VSPEX is ranked #1 for Integrated Reference Architecture Systems, and VCE Vblock Systems is ranked #1 for Integrated Infrastructure Systems.

 All of this is done in partnership with Cisco – why? Because it is what the customer wants – simplicity in their infrastructure – simplicity in the management of that infrastructure and, simplicity in the application workloads.

 EMC and Cisco Cloud Infrastructure solutions enable our clients to increase agility, improve operational efficiency and to provide more cost effective service delivery to their constituents.

 We will continue to deliver innovative world-class technology solutions with Cisco and VCE that will help our customers transform their IT.





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